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Introducing Nature’s Secret Product Line. Your solution for hair loss, hair thinning and shedding. Brought to you by


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We are happy to have provided high-quality hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, and more to our customers.

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Rave Reviews

zx42solutions is happy to have provided high-quality hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, and more to customers in the United States and internationally. Here’s what they’re saying about our products:

“zx42 was the only product my husband has tried over the years and worked ,,he has tried them all ,,zx42 is a true wonder formula , i tell people about it all the time.”

- roxy

great peoduct

“I'm your customer and very happy with service of ZX42, it does very good for me, cheers.”

- ray tenth


“i purchased a gallon of shockwave for my hair salon on wheels here in boston about a month ago ,, after my clients have seen my hair come back over the last 9 months ,, i have sold over 30 bottles for 120 per unit it has paid for itself already and the other half gallon is pure profit ,, im the only one in boston that does this , i think i need another mobile salon !!!!! thank you so much zx42.”



“this product is real im shocked that it works so fast fro me !!”



“On my third bottle now and can see new hairs coming out in thinning areas. I have tried alot of hairloss products with no results at all. The last product I used , I used for a year, didn't see any difference what so ever. I decided to try something different and found zx42 so I gave it a try. Very happy I did.

Right now the new hair is about 1/8" to a 1/4". The feeling of getting my hair back has restored my confidence that one day I won't have to wear a hat anymore to hide my thinning hair. Try the product, you'll be glad you did.”

- axr

seeing results

“want to say love the new shampoo! the yellowish colored one works great smells great!”

- Jeff S

love your shampoo

“Alan, Thanks for talking with me on the phone....even as a former customer now getting back on the product.I just re-ordered a 3 month supply and I am sure I will get better results now that I have a better health assessment.Sleep apnea can not only contribute to mpb but it can also be the isolated factor.

Candida apparently can also affect proper absorption of nutrients and affect thyroid/adrenal issues which WILL contribute to hair problems.I only wish I would have known this last year but now I am looking forward to giving zx42 another try because there won't be anymore interference.Thanks again for the vitamin tip with Super Nutrition and I will keep you abreast on my progress (hair AND health).”

- Gary Gary

"zx42 is a fantastic mind boggling product , its great I was a skeptic but no more , its only been 7 weeks I feel im on the right track."

- Terry P

"zx42 is a fantastic

“So far 2 months on zx42.... And it looks promising some smaller thin hairs have been growing back so far. After all the disappointments from other products (was using Spectral DNC N recently) this seems to be a breakthrough. Let's see will keep you posted on the developments. And it is really amazing how it soaks into the scalp. Actually I am not always using it twice a day.

Does this cause any negative effect. It would also be great if you guys could post a vide of or all customers describing the dosage and the general use or rather the application method for this product And all your recent advise were really great. Thumbs up!

- Arslan

So far 2 months on zx42

“I been using it for about a month n half and all my hairs are thicking out now im starting to see hairs popping out of my hairline that started receeding 4 years ago i cant believe this product you guys should really be famous right now. I wanna thank you guys 100%.”

- Manny

This is amazing how are you guys not famous

“Well here I am again people, like I said last week I ordered the 3 month ZX42 Extreme Pkg and I js recieved it today. Yesterday was a holiday but I'm pretty sure I would've had it bc Mr. Allen plays no games when it comes to customer satisfaction. In the pkg I recieved 4 extreme sltn bottles, 2 shampoos, 1 conditioner, a travel kit, a laser comb, a scalp brush and massager. I will keep u guys updated, stay BLESSED!”

- verinb9

3 month package Extreme!

“Where are the rest of the testimonials and videos/ y aren't there more? Anyways I began zx42 solutions back in Dec. 2012 this is now Feb. 2013, yesterday I personally spoke to Mr. Allen I ordered the 3 month zx42 sltn kit can't wait till it arrives I'm seeing results.”

- verinb9

New Order

“Hey Alan, just wanted let you know how happy I am with ZX42. I'm starting to see some great results. I should be supplying some pictures next month in February. Thanks again.”

- Ernest Dass


“U kno ZX42solutions I'm js going to be real I'm 25 years old with a receding hairline and it really SUCKS! I hate being looked at as if I am older then I really am, I have no family history of bad hair genetics. My problem is a result of tight braiding, I regret the day I even got them sometimes I wish I could just go back in time.

The lady that did my braids always did a good job its just I think she damaged my hair follicles and that's how I'm in the predicament that I'm in. I have been on ur product since 12/20/12 I truely hope that what u r saying/claiming is true bc I can't take this ne more.

In the past I've tried every so called solution that u can think of dr. miracles, groganics, doo gro, minoxidil, hair vitamins u name it and I've tried it. All of them I must say I have had little or no results and I completely stopped, I'm currently on ur solution I pray this is the real deal bc I cnt take it ne mo. If this works out in the end I will be truely greatful.”

- rajada910 aka verinb9

js venting

“I ordered ur Zx42 solutions product Monday night, today is Thursday and I already have it. U guys play no games when it comes to customer satisfaction. I will keep u updated with my progress, GODBLESS!”

- rajada910 aka verinb9

Delivered already

“What's up ZX42SOLUTIONS? I am new to ur website last nite I was doing some research on and I came across your videos. I've been suffering with hairloss for a short time now as a result of braiding. Last night/today I can honestly say that I've watched all of your videos.

In the videos I saw the testimonials from satisfied customers, videos and pictures of before and after from use of your product and a presentation of all your products. Today I decided to give you guys a call and I spoke to the actual maker of the product.

We spoke about 20 mins on my hair problem, my daily regiment, his products and his money back guarantee. He was very informative, he listened to what I had to say and it seemed like he really had a passion for what he does and that he wanted to help me. I look forward to doing business with ZX42Solutions and if all works out distributing as well. GODbless.”

- rajada910 aka verinb9

Future Customer

“So I began using ZX42 in April, right after I had my hair cut, and I got a before pic. So I cut my hair yesterday, and I saw a clear difference from my pic from 2 months ago. It's even coming back from the side temple areas (I think). ATM, I am 70% sure it works, but I will wait for the 6 month mark to confirm as I am a hardcore sceptic and take a pessimistic view until completely proven otherwise.”

- Bald2Bold

Satisfied Sceptic

“Hey man zx42 is the best!!! I'm starting to notice my head getting darker..”

- one love

zx42 is real

“alan has been more than helpful with info for zx 42 and ive ordered a 6 month supply im looking forward to start using it will keep you updated on the progress thanks again alan.”

- tricolour

looking forward to getting my zx 42

“I called the local number in Tn. and got a answer right away and had a good conversation with the inventor...He said I was more than welcome to come down to his place and see the results in person....I'm feeling positive about his products and mission 

- freeagent

08:48 PM on March 10, 2012

“01:54 PM on March 05, 2012 i tried everything lotions pills rogaine propecia avacore even procerin and nothing gave me results until i got zx 42 this product is amazing my hair stopped falling out in about 3 weeks and i started to grow hair in the second month the shampoo and zx 42 and the laser comb is incredible thanks mr tomlinson zx 42 is going to give me my youth back thanks again!!! ill never use anything else and thats a fact yourtube "baldnotmore."


well i got this zx42 oh... about maybe 115 days ago and well it has improved my over all hair line which in it self has made me feel better about not only my buying this product but my hair so thanks to zx42 SuperGetitnow comment from yourtube impeach baldness video 4.”

- SuperGetitnow


“Hey Alan, I have now been using ZX42 four and a half months. I am so pleased to say the results are amazing. I will have pictures before and after in the next month. Thanks again for your great solution to my hair loss problems.”

- Teresa Broadway

Satisified customer

“Hi Alan, I have now been using ZX 42 four and a half months. The results are so amazing, zx42 took away my bald spots and filled them in with hair now it looks like I was never had any bald spots. Thankyou so much.”

- Teresa Broadway

Satisfied customer

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